Get to know our instructors!  We take pride in having a positive and upbeat staff that understand the importance of movement in the senior community and how it relates to daily function.  Each of our instructors is personally certified annually by Lori. Click below to read the bios of all of our trainers.

We are professional movement specialists with a goal:  Get the body moving and stir the soul using music and singing as key tools.  It is our mission to improve the quality of life of every person we serve with a positive sense of well-being through a formulated system of body movements and singing.  We don't just entertain, we interact.  Using the "Super 17" songs in our system, we encourage muscle and joint movement that is safe and FUN.

Lori Adams is a certified personal trainer as well as a professional singer.   She has combined her skills to create a music and movement experience for seniors that is engaging and fun!  She offers a variety of programs and classes to fit any senior population.  She or one of her trained associates will be happy to uplift your residents.

How are we different?

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