Here's how to get your love one or client moving, for a few minutes at a time...

*Purchase the Lori's Movin and Groovin  Movement Toolkit  from this website 

  OR  the Lori's Movin and Groovin  app from the APP Store or GOOGLE PLAY.

*Review the manual for special safety precautions.

*Watch a song video with your client or loved one.

*Sing along and try the movements together.

*Later, listen to the audio track together and attempt the movements you can remember from the video.  (Audio tracks are included with commands.) 

*Enjoy the moments you can create, one song at a time!

Music moves the body and the soul.

Click here to listen to an audio track! 

These songs encourage movement, cognitive function, and a caregiver/client connection with a positive 'do what you can attitude,  for a few minutes at a time. 

A new concept in fitness for frail seniors!  Singing song at a time!

Each song has a special choreography video and an audio track with commands.  Caregivers can use each song to engage a specific
muscle group, joint function, or cognitive challenge for a brief interval.