Music moves the body and the soul.

MUSIC AND MOVEMENT...How are we different?

Each movement specialist has been personally selected and trained out in the field in many types of senior environments including: Independent living, assisted living, nursing and rehabilitation, adult day care, and memory care communities.  Each instructor uses Lori's "Super 17" songs to encourage movement, but also adds their own personal touch to their programming using cognitive games and other fun activities.

Lori's moving & groovin standards for OUR MASTER instructors

1.  Each instructor must complete an instructor training course and pass an examination outlining:

Professional guidelines for instructors including professional conduct, safety concerns, room set-up, and proper attire.

Learning and implementing the Lori's Movin & Groovin formulated movements choreography.

How to create engaging music and movement events for specific groups of people with various disabilities and adding their own unique touch to their programming.

Having a good understanding of contraindicated movements to avoid.

2. Each instructor must hold a current CPR/AED certification.

3. Each instructor must possess their own professional liability insurance.

4. Each instructor must sign a non-disclosure agreement committing to execute all Lori's Movin & Groovin choreography in a safe way. 

5. Each instructor may be subjected to a criminal background check and drug test. 

Once all of the criteria above is met,  the instructor is then certified to perform Lori's Movin & Groovin music and movement programs anywhere in the United States for one year.  

A review / assessment of services questionnaire will be given to each facility by the instructor at their first meeting / performance.  The facility administrator is encouraged to review the instructor from time to time, and send the completed questionnaire to:

Lori's Movin & Groovin

246 Shrub Lane N.
N. Fort Myers,  FL 33917

It is suggested that the facilities hiring Lori's Movin & Groovin instructor keep this questionnaire and a copy of their certification on file to maintain these standards of excellence.