Music moves the body and the soul.


During a SEATED MOVEMENT CLASS,  all of the above is included with the addition of:

  • The use of equipment that is colorful, safe, and ignites the senses.
  • Working of all the major muscle groups and primary joints through their full range of motion in a safe way.
  • Implementing specific exercises to improve balance and core stability.
  • Including warm-up and cool down segments with static stretches.
  • Motivation to participate in other geriatric activities 


Music, Movement, and interaction

Our team of qualified instructors understands the special needs of our frail senior population.  Interaction is key in recreational activities for the elderly.  Unlike other fitness instructors, we sing to our students while gently exercising, which engages them more fully to participate. All movements are done from a seated position to accommodate all fitness levels.  Equipment is provided for up to 30 people. In a Lori's Movin & Groovin class we clap, we tap, we sing, we shimmy, and we smile.  

Movin & Groovin...what is it?

Lori has combined her skills as a professional vocalist with her knowledge and specialized training in senior fitness to create an INTERACTIVE MUSIC AND MOVEMENT EXPERIENCE, which is designed specifically for the frail, sedentary, and dementia-afflicted SENIOR population. This program uses her formulated system of movements to encourage daily function, one enjoyable song at a time.  


During an ENTERTAINMENT PROGRAM, specific goals are addressed:

  • Everyone is invited to sing along (to stimulate brain pathways and enhance respiratory function). 
  • Simple seated movements designed to maintain and improve daily function are encouraged. (Sneak in some exercise)
  • Music and singing creates happy moments (and feeds the soul).