Music moves the body and the soul.

National anthem at detroit tigers game

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About Lori adams

"My grandmother, Mrs. Helen Adams, was the person who inspired me to begin this business.  Although she was elderly and frail at the end of her 98 years, she was ALIVE in her soul.  During our many visits, I realized that singing with her, creating a personal connection using our voices, was a wonderful way to motivate her to move just a little.  I aspire to conduct my business daily in doing her proud.  I wish I could now tell her what an impact she has made on my life.  Her time on this earth was important.  Each and every person I serve is special and vital, just as my Grandmother was.  I always carry those memories of our happy moments together."
Lori Adams

Lori is a certified dementia practitioner, certified personal trainer, certified group fitness instructor, and carries an advanced qualification certification as a long term-care fitness leader. Click here to see Lori's list of certifications.

She is also a professional vocalist who sings regularly at various events, including singing the National Anthem for the NFL and MLB.

Lori is a 2017 Distinguished Entrepreneur of Southwest Florida nominee

She is the mother of eleven children... two biological, and nine adopted from Russia. She has 7 grandchildren.

She is a published author of "Fresh Paint, A Memoir of Adoption" by Zulon Press, 

She comes from a big whacky family!!